Handling The Problems Your Water Heater Can Experience

Your business may rely on hot water to function on a daily basis. This can lead to a water heater malfunction creating major problems for your business's operations. While a leak may be the most well-known problem that a water heater can experience, there are a number of other performance issues and malfunctions that the commercial water heater may need to be repaired.

Bacteria In The Tank

A particularly serious problem for a business that relies on hot water can be bacteria growing in the tank. These bacteria can lead to contamination of the surfaces that are being cleaned with hot water as well as potentially contaminating food. A warning sign that bacteria are starting to grow in your system's tank will be the development of an unpleasant smell with the hot water. These odors can become extremely noticeable when you are using hot water. While they can be a serious issue for your system to experience, the process of eliminating the bacteria can be completed fairly quickly by a professional commercial water heater system. These services can use sanitizing solutions that will be able to eliminate the bacteria that have started to grow in the water heater system.

Structural Damage Due To Corrosion

The interior of your water heater will be protected against corrosion, and this can allow it to last for years before it starts to develop corrosion. However, the exterior of the unit can be far more susceptible to developing corrosion, and this can also create problems for the system.  Eventually, the corrosion will be able to cause holes to form in the exterior of the tank, and this could lead to small leaks or even large ruptures forming with the system. Make sure to protect the commercial water heater from the formation of condensation on its exterior, and remember that periodically checking it for signs of corrosion can significantly reduce the risk of the unit experiencing this type of damage.

A Substantial Decrease In Hot Water Availability Or Temperature

If your water heater loses the ability to produce the amount of hot water that you need or water that is at a high enough temperature, your enterprise could experience a significant disruption in its operations. This often results from a failure of the unit's heating elements as their failure will result in an immediate reduction in the system's heat output. To help protect your business from this potential problem, regular inspections of the unit should be performed by a professional so that the interior can be assessed for these performance problems.

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