The Foundation Repair Guide To Deal With Cracking Concrete

If you have problems with your foundation cracking, it can lead to severe structural damage. Often, problems with cracks in foundations are due to issues like heavy loads where footings should support them or static water pressure that damages walls. Thus, you want to repair the cracking concrete before problems grow. The following cracked foundation repair guide will help you deal with cracks in the concrete around your home.

Heavy Load Cracks in Concrete Slabs

The first issues that can cause problems with your foundation are cracks in the slab. These problems may be due to various issues, including heavy loads. When there are loads that are carried directly down to the foundation, the slab might crack if there is not sufficient footing beam support. When repairing these types of cracks, you may need to move the load points to areas where there are footing beams that can support them. If the loads can be moved, new footing beams need to be installed to carry the weight of the structural loads above the foundation.

Cracks Caused By Natural Movement

Sometimes, natural movement can cause cracks in foundations. These types of cracks are caused by materials expanding and contracting with environmental changes. The movement of the concrete can cause cracks that need to be filled. These are often minor issues that can be repaired by using a filler to bond the cracks back together. If your foundation has cracks from this type of movement, cuts can be made on the surface of the concrete. This allows slabs to move individually to prevent the stress that causes the cracks.

Settling Cracks Where Loads Sink In Soils

If your foundation was built on softer soils, you might have problems with cracks due to settling. This happens as the weight of loads causes the foundation loads to settle unevenly. In areas where there are heavier loads, there is more stress that causes the cracking. These problems are repaired by correcting the settling and adding support with piers that are driven down to solid soils or bedrock. This type of repair is called pier jacking.

Static Water Pressure Cracks in Foundation Walls

Homes on foundations are vulnerable to several types of cracks in walls and slabs. In addition to problems with the slab, foundation walls are vulnerable to issues caused by static pressure from groundwater. This happens as water filters through soils and pushes against the walls. This eventually leads to cracks in the foundation walls. There may be other issues with drainage and waterproofing that need to be addressed after repairing these types of cracks.

The cracks in foundations could be minor issues or more severe structural problems. Contact a foundation repair service to get the help you need dealing with these issues before they become costlier.