Professional Grout Cleaning Gets Your Kitchen Tile Grout Cleaner Than Mopping Or Sweeping

If you're embarrassed by the discoloration in the grout lines of your kitchen flooring, it's time to have your floor cleaned professionally. Much like carpet cleaning, cleaning tile floors and grout requires professional tools and cleaners to get the best results. Plus, scrubbing grout lines by hand is hard work, and you might not be able to do it yourself if you have bad knees or a bad back.

A tile grout cleaning service can remove dirt from the grout lines easily and quickly. Here's why grout lines get so dirty even when you mop your floors regularly and the process the grout cleaning service might use.

Porous Grout Soaks Up Dirt

Grout is made from sand and cement, so it has a porous nature. Each time you mop the floor, dirty water seeps in the grout and over time, this causes discoloration. The grout lines are usually a little lower than the tiles, so dirt has a tendency to get stuck in the lines when you sweep the floor. Plus, grout is often a light color, so dirty shows up easily. Since your kitchen floor is usually a high traffic area, the grout lines pick up a lot of dirt that's tracked in from the outside as well as stains from kitchen spills.

Grout Cleaning Starts With Cleaning Solutions

A tile grout cleaning service may start by using a grout brush and cleaning solution to scrub all of the grout lines on the floor. This gives the solution a chance to break up grime before the floor cleaning machine is brought in. The solution they use is formulated to be effective on dirt and stains while being gentle on the grout and surrounding tiles.

Hot Water Cleans Away Dirt

The cleaning service may use a machine that forces hot water on the floor and then vacuums it up quickly. This deep cleans dirt from the grout and it also deep cleans the tiles at the same time. You'll see an immediate difference in the way your floor looks. The color should be lighter with dirt removed and the tiles should look brighter. When compared to an area of the floor that hasn't been cleaned yet, the difference should be quite noticeable, especially if the grout was grimy and stained.

Grout Sealing Keeps The Grout Clean

The grout cleaning company may add sealer to the grout lines so the grout won't soak up dirt and stains as much as before. This keeps the grout looking clean for longer. However, you may want to have the grout cleaning company deep clean the grout and tiles when you have your carpets cleaned. This keeps your kitchen floors cleaner and more sanitary than just mopping and sweeping alone.

Reach out to a tile grout cleaning service to learn more.