Is Your Roof Beyond Repairs? 4 Situations That Require Replacement

If you don't pay much attention to your roof, it's time to start. Most homeowners don't think about the roof on their home until there's a visible leak, or there's identifiable damage. In most cases, damage and leaks can be taken care of with simple repairs. However, there are times when your home would be better served with an entire roof replacement. If you're not sure what constitutes the need for a replacement roof, read the information provided below. If you've experienced any of the issues described below, it's time to replace your roof. 

Your Roof Sustained Hail Damage

If your roof has recently been through a hail storm, chances are good that you'll need to replace your roof, especially if the storm produced large hailstones. In most cases, hailstones that are the size of a pea or smaller won't cause significant roof damage. However, hailstones larger than the size of a pea can cause divots and dents in your roof. Unfortunately, those divots and dents can undermine the stability of your roof and can cause leaks. That's why you should replace your roof if it has sustained visible hail damage. 

Your Roof Was Damaged in a Fire

If your home has been damaged in a fire, you need to inspect your roof as soon as possible. You might not be able to see any signs of visible damage, but that doesn't mean your roof escaped unscathed. In fact, there could be damage hidden beneath the surface. This is especially true where heat or moisture damage is concerned. If your roof sustained heat damage, the subfloor and shingles might be at risk for deterioration. If the roof sustained water damage as a result of the fire hoses, you're at an increased risk for water damage and mold growth. The best way to protect your home is to replace the roof. 

Your Roof Is a Patchwork of Repairs

If your roof has sustained damage in the past, and there's a patchwork of repairs, now's the time for a replacement. Minor roof damage is often handled with patch repairs. However, patched areas wear out at a different rate than the rest of your roof. Unfortunately, if too much of your roof is covered in patch repairs, you could be looking at significant damage down the road, which is why you should invest in a replacement right away. 

Your Roof Sustained Earthquake Damage

Finally, if your home has been through an earthquake, and there's visible damage to the frame or foundation, there's a good chance that the roof has sustained damage as well. In fact, there could be damage to the trusses or subfloor. To make sure there isn't hidden damage, have your roof inspected after any major earthquake. If the inspection uncovers any serious damage, have your roof replaced as soon as possible. 

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