Keep Your Truck Trailer Safe With These Maintenance Tips And Tricks

If you are a truck owner and transport a lot of goods, you need a trailer that is reliable and in good shape. If you ignore the little things, it won't take long for catastrophic problems to happen. The trailer that carries the cargo you transport is just as important as your truck. Thus, it needs regular trailer maintenance to ensure your rig is safe when delivering cargo. The following trailer maintenance information will help you keep up with maintenance to ensure you can transport loads safely:

Trailer Frame and Chassis

Some of the issues in trailers are cracks in the frame or suspension failures. While each situation is unique, you can take some basic steps to avoid serious damage or accidents. First, check the frame for issues like cracks and minor damage that need to be repaired. You also need to grease the underside of the chassis and repair any damage on the exterior finishes of the trailer to ensure it is in good shape.

Tires, Axles, and Trailer Suspension

The tires of the trailer need to be checked and changed if the treads are worn or if there is visible damage. In addition, the axles might need to be greased as part of routine maintenance to ensure everything is OK. When greasing the axles, all moving parts of the suspension should be checked to ensure there are not any minor repairs that need to be done.

Trailer Brakes and Quick-Connect Fittings

Trailer brakes are designed to stop the trailer in an emergency situation. Trailer quick-connect fittings allow trucks to connect to trailers of different sizes quickly and easily. This saves time on transportation and prevents breakdowns during loading and unloading at multiple locations. The air brakes and the quick-connect fittings of your trailer and your truck are the most important components that need to be checked when you are driving and during regular maintenance.

Trailer Lights and Wiring

The electrical wiring of your trailer can also be a problem when you have deliveries to make. Therefore, all the electrical wiring and lights need to be checked as part of routine maintenance. It might be good to have the trailer rewired and upgrade the lights with LED technology. The LED trailer lights are less likely to fail than incandescent bulbs and can also include additional features like side chassis arrow indicators to make your rig safer.

Basic maintenance is the best thing to do to keep your rig on the road and in working conditions. Contact a trailer maintenance service like A 24-7 Repair Services to get the help you need to keep your truck and trailer in good condition as the weather changes.