4 Tips For Cleaning Covid At Your Business

As a business that is open during the pandemic, you will want to ensure that you keep your business as clean as possible. A clean business protects the health of your employees and of your customers. When it comes to preventing the spread of disease, you should keep a few cleaning tips in mind.

1. Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

When it comes to daily cleaning, your focus should be on high-touch surfaces. High-touch surfaces within a business usually include things such as doorknobs, light switches, sink handles, toilet handles, tables, and hard-backed chairs. If your business is located in an office setting, that includes things such as keyboards, desks, remote controls, phones, tablets, and any touch screen device.

Any item that most employees or customers touch should be wiped off daily. Ideally, it should be wiped off multiple times throughout the day. For electronics, use alcohol-based wipes. For other surfaces, soap and water or regular cleaning wipes will work well.

2. Keep the Bathroom Clean

The bathroom area includes many high-touch regions and is an area that you will want to focus on cleaning daily. The toilet, sink, and door handles of the bathrooms should be cleaned daily, as well as the soap dispenser and towel dispenser.

You should also put up signs reminding everyone to wash their hands for at least twenty seconds. Hand washing is a great way to prevent the spread of disease within your workplace.

3. Use Gloves When Cleaning

Third, when you are cleaning, or whenever someone is cleaning, be sure to wear gloves. This will protect the individual who is cleaning from will help ensure that all of the surfaces are completely clean. These gloves should be discarded after every use.

4. Clean and Disinfect

Fourth, it is essential to know that cleaning and disinfecting are two different things. You are going to want to clean to remove the dirt first. Then, after that, you are going to want to use a disinfectant. The disinfectant will help kill any viruses that are present. Disinfecting is about getting rid of the viruses that are present.

You don't have to shoulder the responsibility of cleaning your business on your own. You can hire a company that specializes in COVID-19 cleaning to come and clean your business, helping to reduce the spread of disease within the confines of your business. Clean high-touch surfaces daily, ensure gloves are used when cleaning, and don't just clean, disinfect your workplace.

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