The Masonry Repair Process: Crucial Repairs To Safely Have A Fire In The Fireplace This Winter

Chimney fires are one of the most feared house fires for property owners. They can damage drywall, flooring, and ceilings and wreak havoc if not treated correctly. Here's a look at what masonry chimney repairs you might need and where to find chimney contractors qualified to handle these jobs:

Repair the Spalling

The first type of damage that you might want to have repaired is spalling. This is when the face of the bricks begins to deteriorate. The issues with spalling are often caused by water getting into the brick and freezing during the winter months. When you have problems with spalling repaired, it might also be a good idea to ask about solutions to prevent moisture from freezing and causing damage to the chimney again.

Repair Mortar Joints

The mortar joints can also be damaged and cause serious problems with your fireplace. The mortar joint damage can be due to issues with spalling, changes in temperature, or just the wear of old masonry. The problem is that the damaged mortar joints can cause serious problems with the chimney drafting and other hazards when you use your fireplace. If you are repairing an older fireplace, you might want to have the joints replaced with a modern one designed to be more resistant to heat.

Cut out Bad or Damaged Masonry

Sometimes, the masonry on the face of your chimney is severely damaged, and repairs are too difficult. Thus, there might be some sections of the face of the chimney that need to be cut out and replaced with new brickwork. If there are any bricks that are still in good condition when doing these repairs to your chimney, they can be mixed with the new materials to make the repairs less noticeable. If the chimney has structural issues, a repair service can add reinforcements to prevent future problems.

Inspecting the Fireplace

The chimney is not the only area where you need to have masonry repairs done. You also want to check the interior of the fireplace. There are several components inside the fireplace that are going to need to be inspected too. The features inside the fireplace that need to be inspected include the flue and chimney liner. These are components of fireplaces that often wear out due to heat.

Having a fireplace is a luxury, but it's a huge responsibility too. Contact a chimney masonry repair service to repair yours before the winter holidays.