Is Restoration Possible For Your Commercial Roof? Here's How To Know

Some business owners believe that if there is an issue with their commercial roof, there are only two options. One of the options is to repair the problem while the other is to replace it. There is an option that is in between and possibly available for your roof. This option is commercial roofing restoration. If you aren't sure your roof may be eligible for restoration, here are some ways your commercial roofer will know.  

Insulation Health

Your roofing contractor will check your insulation health. This inspection means determining if the insulation has become wet due to leaks and other roofing damages. If the insulation is wet, the contractor will need to determine how wet the insulation is, if it needs to be replaced, and if any mold has set into the insulation or around it. If there is mold or water damage what is the percentage of the insulation affected. The percentage affected will let the contractor determine if restoration is viable. 

Roof Systems

When you expand your business, you also need to expand the roof. It stands to reason that the roofing extension may be another roof system. The contractor will determine how many roof systems are present on the building. This will give them a base for various percentages that are used to determine how much of the roof is damaged and if the percentage leans more to a replacement or a restoration. Knowing how many roof systems are used also helps them determine the methods for the restoration and if there need to be multiple methods used during a restoration process. 

Ponding Water

If you have ponding water, the contractor will need to determine several points connecting to that water. For example, they will need to know if the ponding water is overlapping multiple roofing systems. They will also need to know if the roof is level where the water is ponding. The contractor will determine how many areas of ponding water there are and use those to determine if restoration is possible and how large the area of restoration needs to be. 

The first step towards commercial roofing restoration is to call your commercial roofer. Request a roofing inspection appointment. The roofing contractor will inspect your roof and determine the issues with the roof, flashing, and even vents. They will be able to determine if restoration is a viable option for you and how to move forward. For more information, contact a commercial roofing service such as Tillotson Enterprise Inc.