Does A Flooded Property Require Professional Cleaning?

Property flood cleaning can be a challenge, but you might be inclined to do the job yourself. However, there are scenarios where it's probably best to ask a professional flood cleaning company for assistance. If you're unsure about whether you're dealing with such a problem, this list of scenarios will help you decide.


Generally, the smells associated with flooding, especially indoor smells, are due to mold. The property needs a thorough cleaning with chemicals, and you may not be qualified to tackle that work on your own. Professionals know what to use so you can assume they'll do the job the right way.

Closed Spaces

The use of cleaning chemicals also makes closed spaces especially problematic. You don't want to take chances knocking yourself out or worse with cleaning solutions. Flood cleaning technicians have access to respirators and other personal protective equipment so they can deal with potentially dangerous situations.

Proximity to Electrical Systems

Many flood properties end up with mud or water close to electrical systems. This is an inherently dangerous situation, especially if the closest electrical panel is in or near the affected area. Property flood cleaning professionals can work with utility companies and contractors to get problems like this under control safely.


Perhaps you're adventurous enough to deal with sewage from flooding on your own, but you shouldn't be. You need to decontaminate the area thoroughly. Likewise, you need to be sure the process will work. Otherwise, it can pose long-term health risks. Call a professional.


Drying out wooden materials, especially hardwood floors, is trickier than it might seem even if the floodwater was clean. If you dry the wood too rapidly, it can cause floors, walls, and furnishings to warp. The key is to use industrial-size fans that operate at very low speeds. Also, you will need slow-speed dehumidifiers. Even many hardware stores don't have this equipment available to rent. Property flood cleaning technicians, however, do have these tools.


Wet spaces can attract bugs, and lots of folks will opt out at that point. Fortunately, flood cleaning pros have seen it all and can manage the situation. They will identify the sources of water that are attracting the bugs and eliminate them.


If you're filing an insurance claim, there's a good chance your policy will require using professionals for flood cleaning work. A contractor can document the claim and the work so you can move things along quickly.