Debunking Common Mold Removal Misconceptions You Likely Believe

Nowadays, the internet is home to information about everything. Suppose you want to know more about mold removal. In that case, you will come across some misconceptions that can create confusion. 

You should only get information from reliable sources, like reputable company sites. This post will share top mold removal myths to help you separate facts from fiction if you have mold-related problems at home or work.

All Forms of Mold Are Harmful

Most people think that all kinds of mold are detrimental to their health. The assumption is that after inhaling mold spores, they'll all cause allergies and enhance breathing problems if one has an underlying condition or is highly sensitive. While it is true that some forms of mold produce poisonous substances known as mycotoxins, not all mold will cause harm. 

So, before you panic after finding mold at work or home, you should get a mold remediation specialist to perform an inspection and verify if everyone's health will be compromised by its presence. The results will determine whether you need to invest in mold removal.

It's Easy to Remove Mold Yourself

Although all types of mold aren't dangerous, you should avoid trying mold removal work yourself. Since you aren't a trained mold removal expert, it will be challenging to identify if the mold is harmful. Even a little exposure could be risky to your health.

Therefore, when you notice mold growth, contact a company specializing in mold remediation or removal. They have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to restore the surroundings without causing more contamination. Regardless of the mold damage levels, always get a professional to handle the removal or remediation work instead of using bleach or other chemical products.

Bleach Doesn't Eliminate Mold

Most people think that they can kill mold with bleach. This is one of the common DIY mold removal techniques people use, but it is inefficient and comes with health risks. Although you can use bleach to remove mold from a non-porous surface, the product doesn't kill all forms of mold. 

In some instances, bleach will promote mold regrowth, particularly if there is an unresolved moisture problem in the building. It degrades the material further, promoting mold growth. Besides, it's risky to expose your health to bleach. 

Rather than using bleach to remove mold, you should seek mold removal services. These professionals will determine the extent of the mold growth problem and recommend the best remediation technique depending on the form of mold.