Minimize Flooring Damage After A Flood

A home flood can be especially damaging to the surfaces inside a home, but when it comes to flooring, the damage can be catastrophic. While some damage should be expected, it is sometimes possible to avoid the complete destruction of your flooring after a flood. Often, how successful a homeowner is with this process has to do with what they do immediately after they discover the water.

Contact a Professional

As soon as you discover the water and secure the safety of your home, you should contact a water removal and restoration company right away. The fact that water is pooled inside your home indicates the need for professional services. 

It is not recommended that you attempt to perform the cleanup on your own. Even if you can clear the water, if the proper steps are not followed post-water removal, the effects of the moisture may be prolonged, resulting in the deterioration of your flooring.

Remove What You Can

Fortunately, many water damage clean-up companies offer emergency availability. So, even if you call for help in the evening or on the weekend, a technician will be sent to your home as quickly as possible. However, in the meantime, work to remove as much of the water as you can. 

The sooner the water is off the floor, the lesser the chance of extensive damage. However, if you are unable to access the area due to a safety issue, such as live electrical activity, do not attempt this step. You should also remove any furniture in the flooded area to minimize damage, but again, only if you can do so safely.

Increase Ventilation

Ventilation is critical when it comes to water damage. Once the restoration company has removed the water, they will likely install a dehumidifier to help extract any excess moisture in the air. Opening the windows in your home can aid in this process to help dry the floor in a shorter amount of time. 

The faster you can get the excess moisture out of your home, the lower the risk of mold forming in the subflooring. Mold along the subfloor would require that all your flooring be replaced. Also, remember that the drying process can take several days, depending on the conditions inside your home, so make sure you are patient. 

Again, it is essential you move as quickly as possible after you discover the water. Contact a water damage clean-up company as soon as possible to protect your flooring.